Police will be looking to ticket speeders this long weekend

Across BC 1,034 speeders were ticketed last Victoria Day weekend

If you speed this long weekend remember that Queen Victoria, if she were alive today, would almost certainly not be amused.

Nor would Her Majesty have been amused with the 1,034 British Columbian speeders who received a “Queen’s coupon” from the RCMP after getting caught speeding last May long weekend.

Of those 1,034 who were ticketed, 143 were fined for driving at excessive speeds.

Police will be looking for speeders this long weekend too.

“This weekend may be the traditional start of vacation season but it is also the start of our summer enforcement season,” said Constable Melissa Wutke, spokeswoman for the BC RCMP Traffic Service. “Speed is still the leading cause of car crash fatalities in B.C. and speed is involved in 94 deaths, on average, across B.C. each year.”