LETTER: Surrey, it’s time to take our homes, businesses, streets and parks back

After reading all the letters about Surrey, my first thought was to defend my home city. But people are speaking the truth.

The Editor,

After reading all the recent articles and letters about Surrey, my first thought was to defend the place I have called my home for all of my 57 years.

But people are speaking the truth.

It saddens me to see where things have gone. Our neighbourhoods, homes and businesses have been taken over by this drug epidemic.

We are living in a prison run by addicts. We have bars on our windows, locks on everything that is not nailed down and we are unable to even have nice lawn ornaments or flower planters in our own front yards without them being stolen.

Our homes, sheds, garages and vehicles are all being broke into. We are afraid for our children when they want to play in our parks. We are afraid to enter a corner store because it is surrounded by unscrupulous people.

We have had all of these things happen to us, and our neighbours. Who is paying for our house insurance and car insurance deductables? Who is helping the innocent people who are victims from this?

And now we have a safe injection site? Since when do you reward bad behaviour?

At one time you were arrested just for being drunk in public. I have seen numerous drug addicts wandering in front of ongoing traffic, laying in the middle of our street and the police just stood them up and sent them on their way!

I do not blame the police for this at all. If it was not for them, the drug houses operating in our neighbourhood would not have been closed down.

I am just tired of being told to “f off” when telling a drug addict to get off my property, or out of the shed that had already been cleaned out by thieves.

Our elected officials need to stop putting a bandage on things to just act like they are doing something, and get down to business to help Surrey’s innocent victims.

Mayor Linda Hepner – stop hiding. Show your face and start doing your job that people voted for you to do. I cannot wait for the next election.

In the meantime, I refuse to give up on the place I call home.

We need to join forces and take our homes, businesses, parks and streets back!

Marlene Savage, Surrey