Anne Murray

Celebrating Delta: Our home and native plants

Heritage plants can be looked for in habitats that have survived urbanization, such as the sand dunes in Boundary Bay Regional Park.

Bald eagle numbers have soared over the decades

Winter bird counts regularly show numbers of 600 to 1,300 in the area of South Delta, with declines outside the region.

Celebrate the natural beauty and wildlife of Active Pass

Inaugural nature and arts festival kicks off this weekend.

Looking back on nature in 2014

Our wealth of migratory wildlife is unique in Canada and needs proactive attention.

Arctic-nesting Black Brant winter in Delta waters

Despite constant recreational use, Boundary Bay remains a highly attractive habitat for ducks and geese, including Brant.

Looking for summertime bugs

Learning to see nature in all its complexity and detail opens our eyes to the world around us.

New study highlights the importance of nature for Canadians

We live in a tremendous country for outdoor recreation and we can choose among myriad possibilities.

Greasy fish are almost gone

The eulachon, oolie, or candlefish, lives in the Pacific ocean and has a rich history in B.C.

Rewilding: Can we bring nature back?

Urban wildlife has changed enormously over the years.

Amazing phytoplankton is part of our natural heritage

The plant-rich salt waters of the Georgia Strait feed our coastal ecosystems.

New year resolutions to come alive in nature

Being in the great outdoors has numerous physical and emotional benefits.

COLUMN: Protect our migratory songbirds

Environment Canada study shows window and cats are deadly to millions of birds.

The value of marshes and mud flats

The varied wetland habitats in the Fraser delta are a key reason for the number and diversity of birds found here.

Summer butterflies are in the air

To bring butterflies to a garden, there must be food for the caterpillar stage, as well as nectar-rich flowers for the adults.

Looking at the Fraser plume

This unusual ecosystem is a cloud of turbid river water, full of sand and silt, which floats over the heavier salt water of the ocean.

The birds are are on the move

There are many opportunities to see migrating birds in the Lower Mainland.

Moles and voles: the hidden life of small mammals

The high number of voles help make the Fraser delta the best location in Canada for numbers and diversity of wintering birds of prey.

Keep those feeders stocked in winter

With care, you can have a garden full of birds to watch all winter.

Land of fire and ice

We are fortunate to be living in the vicinity of such impressive mountains.

Heritage trees are worth protecting

Surrey has a rich selection of significant trees from around the world.