Anne Murray

Whales on the move

Our coastal waters are an essential stop-over for migrating wildlife.

The importance of light and darkness in nature

Changes of the seasons tied with Earth's turn on its axis.

Enjoying wildlife around the bay

The number of snowy owls spotted in Boundary Bay is unusually high this year.

Birds: When thousands move as one

Large flocks can be a marvellous site, similar to that seen in schooling fish.

The Fraser delta – a migration magnet for birds, whales and fish

Hundreds of thousands of waterfowl and several million shorebirds gather on our local shores, as well as songbirds, raptors and gulls.

A slow summer walk at Blackie Spit Park

An abundance of interesting plants, birds and other wildlife is found in local parks.

The lazuli bunting sings the blues

Small songbird frequents Boundary Bay.

Watching wildlife is good for the soul

Spring is here – get out and enjoy nature.

Get a jump on whale spotting

Pods becoming easier to see.

Plan early for a spring bird-friendly garden

Make your space eco-friendly.