Brian Minter

It’s science: Flowers really do bring happiness

With so much stress and depression in today’s world, it’s great to know that something as simple as a bouquet can help.

Pumpkins: Not just for jack-o-lanterns anymore

For home décor, especially for Thanksgiving displays, it’s hard to beat pumpkins combined with corn stalks and hay bales.

Get growing garlic

Pungent bulb is one of the Lower Mainland's most viable crops.

Discover the bright beauty of crocosmias

It’s wonderful to have a good source for cut flowers in our summer gardens, and cut crocosmias last for almost two weeks.

The special effects of ‘see-through’ plants

They are often so light and wispy that the slightest breeze provides gentle movement, adding another delight to the garden.

Here’s the dirt on beans

All beans are legumes, like peas, and fix nitrogen in the soil as they grow, making them an important nutrient crop.

Infuse your summer garden with fragrance

Think outside the flower box when planning your plants and blooms.

Enjoy peas through the summer

Long spring has delayed start, but plant now and they’ll grow quickly.

Now is the time to get a head start on food crops

Get growing if you want to savour the wonderful fresh taste of new vegetables this spring.

Success with seeds

Less than 50 per cent of all the seeds purchased actually grow to maturity. Here's how to increase the odds.

Now is the ideal time to plant ‘hot’ and hardy rhubarb

Well-established plants can be harvested for about five to eight weeks.

Keeping trees and shrubs clean

Dormant spraying is an important winter task in the garden.

Pruning conifers, broadleaved evergreens and flowering shrubs

Cutting back extends the health and life of all the trees in your garden.

Long-lasting fresh flowers brighten up winter’s dark days

Orchids, anthuriums and proteas are some of the more exotic blooms to consider.

Pumpkins: Not just for Jack-O’-Lanterns

The traditional Halloween crop has a rich history, and an even brighter future.

Master the art of combining bulbs

Both colour and blooming time should be taken into consideration to achieve magic in the garden.

Rose of Sharon brings a touch of Hawaii

Hibiscus is one of the most under-used summer shrubs.

Add a tropical touch to your garden

Canna lilies have been around for a long time, but they're experiencing a huge resurgence.

A guide to winter-flowering shrubs

Blooms provide that lift we need during those cold, grey days, and they bring a gentle reminder that spring is on its way.

Pumpkins: More than just jack-o’-lanterns

All pumpkins are indigenous to America and were grown along with corn by native Americans, making them one of the first companion crops.