Brian Minter

Plant your ‘Autumn crocuses’ now

Plants will bloom in September.

Summer is heather heaven

Plants are drought tolerant, and during hot, stressful days, they add fresh new life and colour to any garden.

Escape to the great outdoors

Move elements from home interiors... outside.

Gardens going vertical

If we can’t go sideways, we can most certainly go up.

Cool cukes are warm-weather plants

Cucumbers are fun, fast and easy to grow as long as we get a little cooperation from the weather.

Last-minute green gift ideas for mom

Mother's Day is Sunday, May 8.

The Blueberry way to good health

Fruit proving to be one of the healthiest food options

Rhubarb more than a garden novelty

The cultivation of rhubarb dates back to about 2700 BC in China…

Grow a gourmet crop

Asparagus will be productive for at least 15 years.

A little inside colour goes a long way.

Cheery plants can brighten anyone's day.

Flowers can brighten up the season

Winter shrubs bring beauty to the garden.