Frank Bucholtz

COLUMN: A promising prognosis for change

A total of eight new ambulances are being added and 34 paramedics are being hired and will bolster service in Surrey and Delta.

COLUMN: Stars align for Surrey LRT

With a federal Liberals majority government, Surrey’s Light Rail Transit line is high on the list for infrastructure funding.

COLUMN: Surrey’s long-suffering schools

The district needs more capital funds, so it can at least temporarily retire the more than 300 portable classrooms currently in use.

COLUMN: Building on community

The sense of community in large cities like Surrey and Vancouver is…

COLUMN: Building boom uncertainties

There are risks on the horizon when it comes to development in Surrey.

COLUMN: Real estate’s rapid rise

The rise is assessments may mean that a number of homeowners end up paying significantly higher taxes this year.

COLUMN: Climate change hits home

The environmental accord reached by global governments in Paris will have a significant effect on the South Fraser region.

COLUMN: Bill Bennett helped shape Surrey

Decisions made by his government had a significant effect on Surrey, Delta and White Rock.

COLUMN: Tax hike is needed in 2016

No city can grow at Surrey's pace without more services, including police, firefighters, roads, and utilities.

COLUMN: Land of generosity

Canadian altruism is one reason so many people from all over the world have come here.

COLUMN: War has affected us all

Veterans who are still among us deserve honour and gratitude.

COLUMN: Bring on fair tolls, fees

South Fraser residents in general have supported an even-handed approach to bridge tolling in the Metro Vancouver region.

COLUMN: Decide railway issue on facts, not feelings

Taxpayers must also be kept in the loop, as any such project will cost them a significant amount of money.

COLUMN: Red shift in Surrey-Delta

It is likely that there will be one cabinet minister from this area.

COLUMN: Political battleground brewing in Surrey and Delta

All six local ridings may see closer races this federal election than they have in the past.

COLUMN: Surrey’s top election issue is crime

People should be able to safely walk home at night and should be able to live their day-to-day lives without fearing shootings.

COLUMN: How will Surrey pay for LRT?

There are still several significant hurdles to climb for the city's Light Rail Transit project.

COLUMN: Environment a priority

Any development must proceed slowly and carefully, and consider the ramifications to wildlife and natural spaces.

COLUMN: Liberal candidate replaced in South Surrey-White Rock

All-candidates' meeting scheduled for Sept. 29 won't include Conservative hopeful and former Surrey mayor Dianne Watts.

COLUMN: Make your vote count

We have the a privilege of electing our individual MPs to the next Parliament, which we should not take for granted.