Frank Bucholtz

COLUMN: Crime is part of Surrey’s fabric

There has been a long series of tragic incidents in the city. At some point in time, we as a community need to ask ourselves why.

COLUMN: Crime in the crosshairs

Public safety will be the dominant issue in Surrey's municipal election.

COLUMN: Epic civic battle brewing

This election will, for the first time, see the mayor and council elected for four-year terms – a long time in municipal politics.

COLUMN: Transportation upgrades could drive transit vote

Referendum has a better chance of success if it is framed about building for the future.

COLUMN: School standoff is all politics

The government doesn’t have to face voters for three years and is clearly fed up with the BCTF.

COLUMN: Ganging up on police

Spending must be managed, but it's too soon to cut back on enforcement that targets organized crime.

COLUMN: Seeking safe railways

Could an incident like that in Lac-Megantic in 2013 take place in Surrey, Delta or White Rock?

COLUMN: Salmon a way of life

People in Surrey and Delta need to think about the importance of the salmon runs to our province.

COLUMN: The Clova was a class act

Cloverdale theatre has served as a beacon of generosity to people both near and far.

COLUMN: Health care on life support

It is important to keep acute care for patients who are most in need of hospitalization, and to reduce reliance on emergency rooms.

COLUMN: Kudos for tree huggers

Tree preservation has been a big issue in Surrey for years, and council has often fallen short.

COLUMN: Uphill climb for McCallum

Making a comeback won't be easy for former Surrey mayor, but conversation about ward system is worth having.

COLUMN: Would a return to local bargaining help settle teachers’ strike?

Maybe increasingly tight provincial control is causing more upheaval.

Four people arrested after lengthy investigation into ‘dial-a-dope’ ring

Operation has been under surveillance since 2012, and in one year operated from five different stash houses.

Update: Empty coal trains began showing up in unlikely Langley locations on Monday

Lightly-used Southern Railway of B.C. line likely to host several trains a day over summer months.

COLUMN: Surrey civic race is one to watch

A Linda Hepner-Barinder Rasode contest, with several other candidates thrown into the mix, will certainly be an interesting one.

COLUMN: South Fraser recognized

But Metro mayors will have a tough sell trying to get approval from the public for new funding.

Man shot in Clayton area on Wednesday afternoon

Surrey RCMP say a man was shot in the hand while driving in a residential area near 192 Street and 72 Avenue.

COLUMN: Kudos to a trail blazer

Baltej Singh Dhillon successfully lobbied to be the first RCMP member permitted to wear a turban.

COLUMN: Fuel sales a dirty game

The fact that B.C.’s gas prices are consistently the highest in the country is due solely to taxation.