Frank Bucholtz

BC SPCA will recommend animal cruelty charges against dog walker

Six dogs died of heat stroke, but dog walker reported them missing from Brookswood dog park.

Column: No service? No more cash

TransLink better have a plan to boost transit south of the Fraser before the funding referendum is held.

COLUMN: Picket line nitpicking

Union members might want to have councillor's perspective inside city hall.

COLUMN: Cutting through tree policy

Developers and landowners alike find ways to flout Surrey's bylaw.

COLUMN: A mayor we can respect

Dianne Watts has been a good leader for Surrey, but her successor will have difficult challenges.

COLUMN: Surrey mayor’s chair challenged

Coun. Barinder Rasode remains a formidable contender, should she and Dianne Watts square off.

COLUMN: The Pattullo Bridge conundrum – in context

Perhaps the best thing to do with the Pattullo is just leave it alone.

COLUMN: Is there a hunger for food kiosks?

Vendors could hurt White Rock's bread-and-butter businesses.

COLUMN: A civic shift in politics?

Speculation will continue until Dianne Watts makes a decision on whether to run for a fourth term as Surrey mayor.

COLUMN: Dealing with dumpers

There will always be waste, but there needs to be a coordinated approach to dealing with it.

COLUMN: Closing out the Clova

When this iconic movie theatre shuts down after summer, it will definitely be the end of an era.

COLUMN: Parenthood trumps politics

It's difficult for MPs from B.C. with young families – like outgoing Russ Hiebert – to travel back and forth to Ottawa.

COLUMN: The people’s mayor passes

Ed McKitka always portrayed himself as being 'for the little guy' and that grassroots populism appeal served him well.

Help organized for victims in Ukraine

Honourary consul of Ukraine in B.C. advises of ways to help victims of recent violence.

COLUMN: The future lives near

Whalley can become Surrey's new City Centre, but it will require an unwavering commitment from council, city staff and residents.

COLUMN: Coming live from Surrey

The city is not well-served by current radio broadcasters.

COLUMN: Referendum trepidation

The B.C. government has made no serious effort to craft a TransLink funding question or set out a series of options for transportation.

COLUMN: Planners go to church

In some areas of Surrey, churches are sitting on prime pieces of real estate, and are property-rich and cash-poor.

COLUMN: A few fixes for Newton

An overflowing community meeting Monday night showed concerns about the conditions in the area are very high.

COLUMN: Trained to go it alone

Surrey goes straight to the source in bid to secure funding for at-grade light rail.