Japreet Lehal

COLUMN: We need to explore electoral reform

All systems have their pros and cons and we need to build greater momentum around this issue .

COLUMN: To help the hungry, close the food waste gap

Millions of pounds of food are wasted in Canada annually, even though many families struggle with poverty and hunger.

COLUMN: Reinstate B.C.’s human rights commission

While progress has been made in addressing and helping to end discrimination, we still have a lot of work to do.

COLUMN: Few can afford the price of democracy

We need policies that benefit the majority of British Columbians, not just a small number of wealthy individuals and corporations.

Step up support for domestic violence victims

The province should introduce a law which allows victims to take leave from work and seek help.

COLUMN: B.C. needs workplace legislation for domestic violence victims

All levels of government should do more to help put an end to violence and abuse.

COLUMN: B.C. offers no real help for the poor

True prosperity only exists when every person in society has opportunities.

COLUMN: Plastic pollution – start the dialogue

It is estimated that on a yearly basis in Canada, 2.86 billion plastic bags are used, much to the detriment of the environment.

COLUMN: Canada must play a strong role in upholding human rights

Foreign policy should include holding governments accountable for their actions.

COLUMN: Too many B.C. kids are going hungry

One in five, or 167,810 children, live in poverty in this province.

COLUMN: Youth in care need greater support

It is often said that the true measure of our society’s success is based on how we treat the most vulnerable.

COLUMN: Canada has a role to play on the world stage

Make your ballot count in this federal election.

COLUMN: Transitions – Tips for a new school year

Whether starting high school or post-secondary classes, going in with an open mind and an optimistic attitude can make all the difference.

COLUMN: Prison reform is an election issue

Solitary confinement should not be used in lieu of addressing underlying mental health problems.

COLUMN: Work to keep the spirit of Canada Day

Government leaders must address the nation's challenging issues.

COLUMN: Keep Bill C-51 in mind on voting day

As public protests and online petitions are showing, Canadians have many issues with the legislation.

COLUMN: Concerns over Bill C-51 not addressed

Time allowed for debate does not match the magnitude of the changes being implemented.

COLUMN: Let’s make sure transit funds aren’t wasted

Independent oversight needed for administration of transportation dollars.

COLUMN: Resolutions for the new year

For 2015, I hope we can all succeed in strengthening deeper respect and kindness towards one another in our world.

COLUMN: The stateless – no place to call home

Having no nationality affects people of all ages and prevents them from accessing vital services in their day-to-day lives.