Japreet Lehal

COLUMN: Prepare to make an informed vote

Democracy depends on the true engagement of individuals like you and I.

COLUMN: Remembering the Komagata Maru incident

We must continue to scrutinize government policies on immigration and citizenship to ensure that Canada remains a welcoming country.

COLUMN: Speak up against torture

The harsh suffering that victims of torture face in detention is disturbing and a threat to universal human rights.

COLUMN: Young workers in peril

According to the United Nations, there are 168 million child labourers.

COLUMN: Summer – time to get active

Warm weather is an excellent opportunity for parents to encourage greater outdoor activities for their children.

COLUMN: Free detained journalists

'Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression… and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media.'

COLUMN: Go greener, for Earth’s sake

In order to maintain our planet, we must recognize the global problems we are facing.

COLUMN: Exploring new ways to educate

To fully explore the opportunities in university education, studnets need alternative options for learning.

COLUMN: Refugee loan repayments are causing hardship

No refugees who are given asylum in this great country should have to choose between their basic needs and debt payments.

COLUMN: The plight of aboriginal women

As Canadians, it is imperative we take all steps necessary to prevent any more sad tragedies from happening.

COLUMN: Democracy and civil liberties at risk

The Fair Elections Act has good intentions, but it will fundamentally – and negatively – change the voting system in Canada.

COLUMN: Helping children – at home and abroad

B.C.'s child poverty rate and the ongoing devastation following Typhoon Haiyan need British Columbians' attention.

COLUMN: Navigating digital media

Parents and schools have roles to play in making sure young people are exposed to safe screen time.

COLUMN: SFU forum engaged youth

One can be optimistic after seeing youth gathering on a Saturday to participate in activities that directly affect their futures.

COLUMN: Too many are driven to distraction

Motorists must keep in mind that safety is the number-one priority.

COLUMN: Charter of Quebec Values would create a society of divisions

Secularism is not defined by policies which promote active discrimination.

COLUMN: Back to school – a great time for fresh beginnings

In addition to buying supplies and clothes, it is also important for students of all grades to prepare mentally for the upcoming months.

COLUMN: Summer is for volunteering

As citizens of this world, we have a responsibility to help others and create positive value through our good deeds.

COLUMN: Revitalizing universities through debate

We must realize that at the very core of education is the concept of questioning the status quo.

COLUMN: ‘Root causes’ are important

When subjects such as sociology are attacked by politicians, it displays the very 'root' problems existent in the political system today.