Japreet Lehal

COLUMN: Don’t underestimate the importance of sleep

In our bid to complete multiple tasks throughout the day, we may just be neglecting one of the most important aspects of our lives.

COLUMN: Dedicate an hour to Mother Earth

During this year's Earth Hour, really consider your carbon footprint and environmental impact on the planet.

COLUMN: Do your democratic duty

Though an essential part of our democracy, low voter turnout rates are a serious concern.

COLUMN: Building our competitive edge

We must show students is that research is not a mundane activity, but one that yields true benefits.

COLUMN: Learning by doing is key

Experiential education is the future of education.

COLUMN: Ban energy drinks at school

New Health Canada regulations fail to fully address the magnitude of the problem.

COLUMN: Violent video games need warning labels

Though most games are rated, there should be clear warnings that exposure to violent games has been linked to aggressive behaviour.

COLUMN: Creating enviro-leaders

Why not introduce one or two mandatory environmental sustainability courses at the post-secondary level?

COLUMN: Fight eating disorders early

Often, a social stigma is attached to these disorders, and teens may not feel comfortable revealing the fact that they face such problems.

COLUMN: A wake-up call for all

Amanda Todd's suicide is a tragic reminder of the devastating effects of bullying.

COLUMN: Combatting binge drinking

Students – and everyone else – need to monitor their drinking habits so their health and safety aren't at risk.

COLUMN: Schools should teach social responsibility

Students must be exposed to courses on social responsibility so they can build foundations that will serve them for a lifetime.

COLUMN: Be aware of child poverty

Bullying is often done on the basis of income and the inability to buy all the latest clothes and gadgets.

COLUMN: Pinpointing your passion

Choosing a major in university can be tricky, but there are ways to gauge your interests and skills.

COLUMN: Revamp physical activity standards

The current program in British Columbia’s schools is insufficient.

COLUMN: It’s time for student trustees

The concept of student trustees, already existent in Ontario, is something that our Surrey Board of Education should consider adopting.

COLUMN: Be a voice for the voiceless

A woman’s right to choose is one thing, but to abort a fetus on the basis of gender is barbaric and unacceptable.

COLUMN: There are no ‘useless’ majors

For those pursuing an arts or social science major, don't be discouraged by the myths around a arts versus science/commerce degree.

COLUMN: College students, take note

Lectures are the most vital parts of university, and good note-taking skills will help you get the most out of them.

COLUMN: Four-course load in first-year university the best plan

The post-secondary experience should be focused on an enjoyment of and a pleasure in learning.