Kristyl Clark

COLUMN: Get comfortable with being uncomfortable

I’ve discovered I’m not alone with this problem of medication-induced weight gain.

COLUMN: Feeling down? Don’t wait to get help

Unfortunately, many people don’t open up about mental illness because they feel ashamed or scared.

COLUMN: My story, free of stigma or shame

According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, 20 per cent of Canadians will personally experience a mental illness in their lifetime.

COLUMN: Behind the scenes of our holiday highlight reel

Sometimes I feel like I'm living two versions of my life – one online, one off.

COLUMN: Straight Outta (Our Townhome) Complex

When my daughters are old enough to party, I hope there's an 'uncool' neighbour nearby.

COLUMN: Kids say the darndest things, but also the creepiest

Is my family being haunted? Do we have some sort of ability to see the paranormal?

COLUMN: Learning to trust the maternal instinct

Second-guessing every single parenting choice isn't productive.

COLUMN: Daring to be different

You can stand out from the crowd and still be okay.

COLUMN: Confessions of a bad butterfly

I’m sure I’ve been unfollowed, unliked and forgotten in cyberspace by many fed-up friends.

COLUMN: Mastering the big chill

Adventures in parenting include zipping your lips before saying something you'll regret.

COLUMN: Enjoy the fleeting moments of parenthood

Don't let the stresses of life ruin live-in-the-moment family time.

COLUMN: Unleashing Mama bear

It was a challenge adjusting to the pitfalls of a new preschool.

COLUMN: Valley of the party moms

With two pint-size princesses in our clan, there’s no chance of a happily-ever-after if we continue to blow our budget on birthday hoopla.

COLUMN: Happy’s sad story a chance to tell the ‘big truth’

Death of a child's cherished goldfish becomes a teachable moment.