TELUS warns of recent computer security phone scam

TELUS warns of recent computer security phone scam

Simple steps can protect you from phishing and social engineering scams.

In recent days, TELUS has noted an increase in the number of fraudulent phone calls to Canadians trying to trick them out of information that could be used to steal identities or break into online accounts.

Fraudsters, representing themselves as being from well known software companies and in some cases TELUS, are calling to warn of vulnerability within a customer’s computer. Customers are told to go to a website to install software. This software is a virus and allows full access to the computer, including keystrokes, ultimately making them highly vulnerable to the accessing and recording of personal information (for example: online banking access information).

The fraudster then tries to sell the customer additional “protection” software, and requests credit card information. Not only is the computer compromised, but the credit card number is charged as well. The fraudsters are very forceful in their approach and can be very convincing. They are also providing false call back phone numbers in an attempt to add legitimacy to their claim.

TELUS is warning the public to be aware of this scam, and not to turn over personal information online or over the phone to anyone they don’t personally know or have verified are who they say they are, and to protect their online accounts with complex PIN numbers.

These emails, calls, and messages are fraudulent. Individuals receiving them should delete them, and not reply. If provided, the requested information could be used to perpetrate identity theft.

Such scams are common, and fraudsters try and trick people into giving them information. Be cautious any time you receive a phone call or email asking for personal information and verify the contact is legitimate before responding. A key indication that the email or phone call is fraudulent is that the request is for personal information that the legitimate company would already have, and should not need you to verify – such as your name or account details. If you are unsure, hang up and contact the company directly.

It is also important to protect information held in accounts by avoiding simple PINS.  Scammers will often try to break into online accounts using such common security codes.

TELUS customers who believe they may have given personal information to a scam artist and need assistance securing your TELUS account, please call TELUS Customer Service at 310-2255.

For additional information about phone fraud, please visit: or

TELUS is working with law enforcement officials to track the calls and identify the perpetrators of all scams it is aware of.

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