An apology for being insensitive about dogs

The Now would like to apologize – not for publishing a contentious point of view but for the insensitive tone it took. In Thursday’s paper, we published a column written by Adrian MacNair that has offended many of our readers.

The column was about dogs and Emma Paulsen’s jail sentence of six months for her part in the horrible deaths of six dogs.

The column, while raising some valid arguments about perspective that has stirred a passionate reaction from both sides of the debate, contained language and references to dogs that were deemed insensitive by many people.

While I support our columnists’ right to hold – and publish – opinions that may be unpopular, as editor, I accept responsibility for allowing such viewpoints to be expressed in a callous, insensitive and disrespectful manner.

While many readers have expressed support for Adrian’s column – and our right to publish it – most who have contacted me are angry and disappointed, not just for the arguments he made but for the way he made them.

I have spent the past few days reaching out to as many of those readers as possible (from around the globe), calling them and listening to their concerns.

I would like to thank those of you who have taken the time to call, email or comment on the Now’s website and Facebook page. We all share your compassion for animals and your opinions are important to us.

As editor, I will ensure this paper continues to actively publish a variety of viewpoints, regardless of how unpopular they may be.

However, I will strive to do better to ensure such viewpoints are expressed in a more respectful tone.

Thank you.

Now Editor,

Beau Simpson