Pumpkins outside Malvinder Gill’s farm on 152nd Street in Surrey. (submitted photo: Sarah Wilson)

Pumpkins outside Malvinder Gill’s farm on 152nd Street in Surrey. (submitted photo: Sarah Wilson)

At Surrey farm, free pumpkins for donation to food bank

‘Amazing for the community, especially during the pandemic,’ says one local resident

Malvinder and Sukhminder Gill want to make their pumpkins-by-donation effort a yearly tradition.

For a second year, the Surrey farmers are giving away the pumpkins they grow, in return for a donation to Surrey Food Bank.

The Now-Leader received emails from two readers impressed by the Gills’ giving nature.

“Helped me load some pumpkins for my kids in my car. Generous deed deserves recognition!” wrote Sarah Wilson.

“I’ve seen the senior farmer pull the pumpkins from the field and put (them) out on the street,” another reader wrote. “I went to get pumpkins and saw this note from the Girl Guides. Amazing for the community, especially during the pandemic.”

The note from the Girl Guides thanked the farmers for the pumpkins, which are grown at 7130 152nd St.

“They left a handmade card, which was very sentimental for me,” Malvinder said.

Last year, he estimates the farm gave away 500 or 600 pumpkins – six or seven trailers full – and collected around $750 for the food bank.

“In front of my house I put a sign there, and it’s a busy road. I leave the gate open for people to safely make a turn,” Malvinder said.

“It’s a very good response this year, lots of people coming, and on top of that it’s a way to give back to the community,” he added. “I want to make this a tradition in my family, who help with everything, counting the money, my grandkids.”

This month the farm donated 15 pumpkins to a local preschool, and more than 50 of them to an organization for a carving contest.

Malvinder said the farm will give away pumpkins for the next week or so, until Halloween. “Next year we’re thinking of making a pumpkin patch in the yard,” he added.


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