Cloverdale murder suspect arrested in Langley

The Integrated Homicide Investigation Team is recommending that a man arrested in Langley on Friday night be charged with first degree murder over the killing of Surrey man Gregory Quesnelle in May.

Quesnelle, 32, was shot dead inside a townhouse at Rodeo Park Place in Cloverdale on May 12.

Sgt. Jennifer Pound of IHIT said Saturday that Barry McQuarrie, 33, was in custody after being arrested on four warrants — one for theft over $5000, driving while disqualified, vehicle theft, and breach of probation — after being arrested in garage of a home in Langley.

Police named McQuarrie aka “Bad Ass Barry” as the ex-husband of Quesnelle’s girlfriend and a suspect shortly after the killing, and in late May he taunted investigators through a phone call to a Vancouver television station. McQuarrie told CTV news at the time that he didn’t kill Quesnelle and has no plans to turn himself in. “They have to do their job and find me,” he said at the time. Police traced the call to a pay phone in Aldergrove.

A number of police resources were used in Friday night’s arrest, including air support. Pound said McQuarrie was in no way connected to the address where he was arrested.

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