Council OKs Bose Forest Park in Cloverdale

CLOVERDALE — Surrey council approved a new 18-acre park Monday night (Feb. 2) to be located in the west Cloverdale neighbourhood.

The site, located between 62 and 64 avenues west of 165th Street, will be called Bose Forest Park and was acquired by the city during development of the surrounding community.

The park includes a forested section of the former Bose farm, a well-known landmark in the area, and part of the original homestead of Surrey pioneer Henry Bose. The land is home to an area of mature forest, generally more than 80 years old, which is uncommon for Surrey and the rest of the Lower Mainland.

The main trees in the canopy are Douglas Fir, Big Leaf Maple and Western Red Cedar, and the park supports a variety of wildlife, including seven mammal species and 21 bird species.

Back in the 1950s, Girl Guides from around the region used the forest for camping and nature outings. Local potato farmers also held an annual picnic and barbecue within the forest.

After much public consultation, the city plans to keep the park as a natural area with a range of passive amenities, such as pathways and forest trails, viewpoints, a nature play area and interpretive signage.

There will be a "Bose Walk" that connects the main entrance of the park with townhouses and apartments to the north. The city plans to begin construction this summer.