Darts Hill Garden Park receives $4M endowment

SOUTH SURREY – A $4 million endowment has been given to sustain Surrey’s Darts Hill Garden Park in perpetuity.


The endowment was announced last Saturday and was designated as part of the late Mrs. Darts’ estate.


Francisca and Edwin Darts, who initially transformed the property into an awardwinning orchard, created the garden. As Francisca became more involved with local gardening clubs, so did her enthusiasm for rare and unusual plants from around the globe. Gradually, they transformed the garden, creating a collection garden. It is known for its variety of rare and precious plants, shrubs and trees.


Hoping to see the garden continue to grow and teach new generations, the Darts’ gifted the 7.5-acre property to the city in 1994.


SurreyCares will manage the Darts Hill Garden Park Endowment Fund, and the city will use interest generated from the fund to support the ongoing care of the garden.


The park is located on 170th Street at 16th Avenue, South Surrey.