Delta science fair returns to Scottsdale Shopping Centre on March 5

Delta science fair returns to Scottsdale Shopping Centre on March 5

NORTH DELTA — Heath Traditional Elementary is looking forward to being represented by some of its brightest students at the Delta science fair next week.

Manmeet Puri, 11, created his own environmentally-friendly cleaning product made out of vinegar, baking soda, salt and lemon.

"I was playing around with acids and bases, testing PH levels of stuff, and it just came to me," he said. "Why not mix acids and bases to combine something new, something good for the world?"

Manmeet started his project earlier this month and has spent "every spare minute" on research.

"I’ve been trying my best to find out what else can be used to help our environment and to improve our everyday cleaning."

Teacher Brett Price is an avid supporter of students engaging in scientific projects. "We really try to encourage them to explore something they’re interested in," Price said. "We get to celebrate what they’re learning and it gets them more passionate, more involved, and it makes them proud of their end product."

Heath hopes to send four to eight students from Grades 4 and 5 to the Delta school district science fair.

Last year, close to 200 students from schools across Delta showcased their work at the annual "Minds on Discovery" fair. This year’s fair will be held at Scottsdale Shopping Centre on Wednesday, March 5 from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. Students will have a chance to take their projects to regional and national science fairs.