E-Exit escape game company looks to set up in Surrey

E-Exit escape game company looks to set up in Surrey

SURREY — Ever wonder if you could break out of prison? Or escape from a tomb in Ancient Egypt?

Lower Mainland residents have been given a chance to do just that through a new company, E-Exit, that offers up escape games. Would-be escapees, two to six players per game, have to use intellect and teamwork to solve puzzles and riddles in order to escape from a room.

The business, which opened in Richmond last October, has received requests from previous customers to open their own E-Exit sites, including one in Surrey. A location at Highway 10 and 56th Avenue is planned.

Justin Tang, E-Exit creator, said the company’s mission is to bring virtual entertainment into the real world.

"It’s opposite of Google, let’s say. Google is bringing every real-life thing into the virtual world through the Internet. What we do is, we bring virtual entertainment into real life. Escape game is based on cellphone apps and computer games, and we brought it to real life."

Take the backstory of the Egyptian tomb theme. Users are given a backstory: While exploring the Great Pyramid, the group becomes locked in King Khufu’s tomb.

"You explore the chambers, only to find creepy skeletons. The walls are filled with cobwebs, and lurking with scorpions and spiders," the game’s description reads. It’s then a 45-minute mission to break free from the tomb.

Tang said the idea originally came from Japan and the trend is spreading quickly throughout Asia.

Tang, who is from Hong Kong, said he brought the idea to Canada and the response has been great so far. With one Richmond location open less than a year, three other franchise facilities are planned – a second in Richmond, one in Gastown and the one in Surrey.

Tang hopes the Surrey location will be able to open its doors later this year.

Visit their website here.