Football season start delayed in Surrey, but it's 'game on' in Delta

Football season start delayed in Surrey, but it’s ‘game on’ in Delta

SURREY — While young football players in surrounding school districts are able to start their season on time despite the ongoing teachers’ strike, Surrey players have been sidelined after the district decided they could not begin without a teacher.

According to Frank Hurt Hornets coach Duane Linnen, the plan was to get the season started using community volunteers unrelated to the labour dispute.

Teams in some districts, such as Delta, are doing just that, while others are continuing to run on a volunteer basis."All of it is at the discretion of our volunteer community coaches," said Delta communications manager Cindy Anderson.

"If such a thing is needed, our administrators are overseeing anything like that."However, Surrey’s teams were given the no-go from the district this week, which cited that a school event could not occur without teacher involvement.

"It’s disheartening, I know we’re (counted) under high school but it would be nice to give these boys a couple of games," said Linnen.Surrey school district spokesman Doug Strachan said the decision came about after it was decided that school events could not occur without teacher involvement.

"We received a letter from the senior administrators of the district that no school events – including extracurricular activities – could go ahead while we were in a strike," said Strachan.

Because the students would be competing under their school’s banner, he said, they would be considered a school-related function.

"If they were not on school property and not sanctioned in any way by the school, it would be a community event and that’s not something we would have any connection to," he said.

"If the school and district are involved or in any way connected with it, then we can’t carry on with it."

As a result of the strike, the B.C. High School Football Association is re-arranging its season schedule so the teams that are unable to play now would be able to make up the games towards to the end of the season.