Getting started

The gear There are two types of longboards, cruiser boards and conventional longboards.

The cruiser boards are shorter and have a style similar to 70s era skateboards. The conventional longboards offer more length and often feature a variety of shapes and elaborate artwork.

Prices for complete boards range from $150 to more than $300.

Safety equipment is important and at Authentic Board Supply, owner Hippie Mike Faux offers discounts on safety gear for new buyers.

A helmet will run from $40 to $60 while a package of padding – elbow pads, kneepads and wrist guards – will cost roughly $60. Longboarding gloves will add another $40 to $80.

Complete packages of pads and a board for new riders will set you back from $250 to $500.

Faux recommends new riders learn the basic skills of the sport by watching online videos or from more experienced friends.

Where to longboard in Surrey? Once you have the basics down, Faux said the world is your skate park.

“Right now? It’s wherever you want to go,” he said of longboarding destinations. “There are longboarders who ride in some skate parks, but the majority of the longboard scene in Surrey is just people out riding from one place to another.

“They’re not actually going out in a group and doing it as a pastime. In South Surrey they do go in groups more because that’s where the hills are.”

. Please note: Longboarding is illegal on the streets and hills of White Rock.