Heightening tensions

In the nearly 60 years since White Rock split off from Surrey to become its own municipality, residents have prided themselves on remaining unique from their parent city.

Formally known as Ward Seven in Surrey before it was incorporated in 1957, White Rock has spent the better part of more than half a century carving out its reputation as a quaint seaside city with the waterfront and beach undoubtedly being the crown jewel.

With a population hovering just below 20,000 White Rock has never been known for its growth and density, but as the appeal of living in Metro Vancouver continues to increase, even the City by the Sea will have to come to terms with more people wanting to move in.

This inevitable push also paves the way for the clash of ideals we see today, between those wanting to keep White Rock as it is with others saying development and density is the only way to grow with the region.