Hit-and-run driver left senior at side of road like ‘piece of garbage’

SURREY – The children of a Surrey senior hit by a car two weeks ago are appealing to the driver to do the right thing and come forward to police.


Vilma Oravec, 69, was returning from White Rock after shopping for her grandson’s upcoming wedding when she was struck by a grey or white vehicle that did not stop.


According to her family, the Surrey grandmother was just getting off the bus at King George Boulevard and 92nd Avenue – two blocks from her home – at around 4:50 p.m. on Nov. 22. She looked and saw a red light at the intersection and decided she could jaywalk to the other side before the light changed.


She made it to the median when something hit her left leg and she fell down.


Vilma’s daughter, Sue Levarsky, said a witness known as "Scott" told her that when the paramedics arrived and they cut her pant leg they discovered a horrifying leg injury.


"Even the police officer thought it might have to be amputated," she said. "It was just hanging by some muscle," Vilma was on her hands and knees trying to get back on the median and was confused why she couldn’t.


"Scott stopped and said to her, ‘Lady, lady, do you need help?’ And she said, ‘No, I’m OK.’ And he saw all the blood gushing out of her leg… and so he decided to call 911."


The medical diagnosis is a compound fracture of her left tibia and fibula which required insertion of a supporting rod. Vilma underwent nine hours of surgery to save her leg.


Although now on the mend, her son John Oravec said he can’t understand why the driver didn’t check on his mother.


"I would have stayed at the scene of the crime. I mean, whether you’ve made the mistake or not you just have to stay there and try and help. To me, as a person that leaves you’re admitting a willingness to say, ‘That person is OK to die. I really don’t care.’" Levarsky said she doesn’t understand how somebody can leave another person at the side of the road like "a piece of garbage."


"Either this person was on something or it was a stolen car or they’re scared. That’s the only things I can think of. But still, you have to take responsibility for your actions."


The family is now warning others to be careful walking in Surrey, especially as the winter darkness, persistent rain or snow and dark clothing can combine for disastrous results.


"My message is more for everybody to be cautious," said Levarsky.