How to navigate the ‘winding road’ of renting a car

Rental cars provide freedom to hit the road when vacationing outside our home base. Whether it’s a road trip to the cottage or a short visit out of town, navigating the ins and outs of car rental can be tricky if you’re not prepared.

Canadians take millions of trips abroad and without a doubt many of these travelers rent vehicles for their expeditions. In order to be prepared for the wide array of options that car rental agencies offer, it’s necessary to do a little bit of research on your own.

“The key is to plan ahead so you can make an informed decision about car rental plans,” said insurance expert Mauro Convertini from Aviva Canada. “There are many choices, so taking time to examine each option is ideal.”

Consider the following next time you are renting a car:

Save on insurance. Getting coverage from the rental agency can cost up to $25 a day for two drivers, but talk to your insurer or broker as your existing policy may cover you on rentals as well. Also speak to your credit card company as some providers will cover you if the rental is made on their card.

Get the best rate. The Internet makes it easy to compare rates. Keep an eye out for discounts and deals.

Bring your own GPS. It can be a very handy tool when driving in unfamiliar areas. If you don’t have one yourself, borrow a GPS from a friend, as car rental agencies can charge up to an extra $12 a day for the convenience.

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