If tax goes up, there will be no end of it

Cloverdale – The Editor, Re: “War of words heats up in struggle for transit vote,” the Now, March 5. A “No” vote sends a message not only to TransLink but to the government in general. TransLink is the Frankenstein Monster and Premier Christy Clark is Dr. Frankenstein. It was her Liberal party that created this mess giving total and absolute power to a group that is accountable to no one, not even the government that created it.

Directors receive salaries of $469,000 when the head of the largest and most complicated transit system in the world – New York City – receives $169,000. Companies like Microsoft, IBM and Apple operate with one board of directors, not six like TransLink.

People actually get fired for non performance in the real world, not rewarded with bonuses.

Voting “No” says, “We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore.”

It’s an opportunity to let the government know we’re tired of waste.

If we let them add to the sales tax it will be open season on how high this tax will go, just like the TransLink carbon gas tax that gives us the highest gas prices in North America.

There will be no end to it.

John Houghton, Cloverdale