International Trade Awards coming up soon

Surrey Board of Trade is looking for outstanding local importers and/or exporters for its annual International Trade Awards.

The awards provide recognition for the city’s import and export achievements, raise awareness of the vital contribution imports and exports make to B.C.’s economy and act as a catalyst for companies to reach even higher levels of excellence.

Entrants can range from sole traders to large manufacturing organizations, and cover all sectors of Surrey’s diverse business landscape. The majority of business activities must be conducted in Surrey or the applicant must be a member of the Surrey Board of Trade. Applicants can also be an import or export company, or both.

The event is sponsored by Trans Mountain Expansion Project.

For nomination forms and more information, see www.businessinsurrey. com/surrey-international-awards/.

Deadline for the awards submissions is Monday, April 7. The winners will be announced on Wednesday, May 8.

SOCACIZE FOR WOMEN AND KIDS Fit for Women Gym recently celebrated its 19th anniversary with fun and fitness.

The gym marked the occasion with a Socasize Caribbean workout, which blends high and low impact aerobic with African

and Caribbean dance moves. The workout, ideal for all age groups, aims to prepare people physically and mentally for the Carnival parade’s prolonged dancing, as well as connecting people to the vibrancy of the culture’s music.

Fit for Women Gym in Surrey has also developed programs for children. The Lifestyle Program for Children runs after school Monday to Thursday with a trainer on hand to help lead kids in fun activities related to healthy eating and exercise.

To find out more about the gym and its programs, find them on Facebook at SocacizeVanCity or email at

SMALL BUSINESS ACCORD LAUDED Envision Financial marked the oneyear annivesary of the B.C. Small Business Accord recently, and noted the difference it makes to have it in place.

“We forget sometimes just how much our local economy depends on small business,” said Shelley Besse, president of Envision.

“knowing that the government has accepted these recommendations is very promising,” she said. “I look forward to seeing these positive impact these recommendations will have on furthering local small businesses when put into motion.”