LETTER: Congrats to Wayne Baldwin and coalition in White Rock

LETTER: Congrats to Wayne Baldwin and coalition in White Rock

The Editor,

As I offer my public congratulations to Wayne baldwin and the closely aligned "coalition" on their electoral victory in this past Saturday’s White Rock civic election, I would like to thank all those who supported the campaign to elect Dennis Lypka to White Rock city council, as well as those citizens who chose to vote.

While it is gratifying to see the voter turnout increase from 29 per cent in 2011 to 34 per cent in 2014, we still have a long ways to go ensuring that more of us fully exercise our much-cherished democratic right to chose our leaders.

Although the citizens of White Rock have plainly spoken and chosen their elected leaders of our community for the next four years, all of whom I personally acknowledge and congratulate, I would remind the mayor and the elected members of the coalition that even with only about one-third of all eligible White Rock voters choosing to vote, less than 50 per cent of the total votes were cast for baldwin and all six of the coalition candidates.

As just one individual of that majority of "other" voters, I would remind you on behalf of the majority that as you unveil to us your vision of our city, your thoughts and actions should be tempered to duly consider the interests of the majority of voters who chose not to give you their support at the ballot box.

Dennis Lypka

White Rock