LETTER: Fencing near White Rock beach is horrible

The Editor,

Re: "Will common sense trump fence?" the Now, Feb. 26.

I went down to the beach to look at the two new "improvements."

Ha! Improvements for whom, you might ask? Definitely not for the citizens of White Rock and definitely not for the businesses down at the beach. I am fuming about this horrible black "spear" fencing.

For years now, whether from my deck or from any lovely location on the beach, I have watched with great joy while people of various skill levels ply the waters on rental paddle boards. Even my daughter and son-in-law rented boards while I watched in delight with my little granddaughter.

Isn’t that what we want for our "City by the Sea"?

But it is not only businesses that are affected – all those kite boarders and small boaters will now have difficulty accessing the beach. What unbelievable joy one gets from marvelling at those colourful kites flying across the waters.

And just wait until summer when all our visitors arrive and try to access East Beach, dragging their kites and boards of various sizes to our beach through these very limited new access points.

Also, what about safety? I am referring to the two new lines of continuous track that have been lined up along the ones that were replaced a few years ago. (Look in front of the train station.) Then, I naively thought how considerate BNSF was to get rid of that noisy clickity-clack of the old line. Little did I know that they were getting ready for the new coal and dangerous goods that would be hauled on up to 130-plus railway cars.

So now I wonder, are our lines being readied for the faster and even bigger 220-plus car trains that are travelling and derailing in other areas?

I am so grateful that White Rock Mayor Wayne Baldwin has made a vow to make rail relocation a priority and now it appears that maybe Surrey Mayor Linda Hepner will soon be vocal about protecting her constituents in Crescent Beach as well. Let’s hope Transport Canada will finally understand the people who live here instead of only the tycoons plying their goods though our front yards.

Susan Potzold, White Rock

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