LETTER: Forget Hepner’s grandiose plans – Surrey’s safety solution is more cameras

The Editor,

When are Surrey’s mayor, council and RCMP going to wisen up and install a camera system throughout the municipality, as has been done in London and other European cities?

The Surrey model of adding more graduated rookies to the force against an escalating crime rate has proven a complete failure. Visibility is the issue and more monitored cameras are the answer. Part of the policing problem is that experienced officers do not want a Surrey posting – hence the rookie additions.

Never mind the grandiose plans of Mayor Linda Hepner, who has already proven that she is ill equipped to handle the real priorities in Surrey – let’s move forward with effective crime prevention.

To those who would argue that more cameras would impact their privacy – if there is nothing to hide, there is nothing to be concerned about. Safety in our community is of uppermost importance.

R. Conley, Surrey