LETTER: Not all voters live in South Surrey

The Editor,

Re: "Surrey First promises action on rail relocation," the Now, Sept. 18.

Surrey First needs to remember not all voters live in South Surrey.

As a voter living in the northwest area of Surrey, I’m fed up with the political pandering to residents in the South.

The South didn’t want a casino, so there will not be a casino. The planes flying overhead disturbed the quiet in the South, now the northwest is having to listen to the redirected plane traffic. The South is concerned about increased rail traffic, they are promised a rail-line relocation, and Surrey First is "committed to getting this done."

As noted in the article, the anticipated increase in rail traffic is due to the Fraser Surrey Docks (FSD) adding coal facilities. Surrey First needs to focus its promises on stopping the coal facility at FSD while there is still time, instead of just moving the problem into another area of Surrey.

K. Thomson

"Not South Surrey"