LETTER: Parents need to take control of their teens

The Editor,

Re: "Rodeo reveals who can parent," the Now, May 22.

I was not at all surprised by the experience editor Beau Simpson had with a handful of today’s youth at the rodeo in Cloverdale.

It is utterly disgusting what some kids are allowed to do at such a young age. The kids have too much freedom and not enough parenting.

If your teens are not home at night after school and they don’t have a job – where are they? What are they doing and who are they hanging out with? It is absolutely disgusting how I hear some teens speaking (kids as young as 11 calling each other whores and "eff this" and "eff that" and other offensive names).

And don’t get me started on what some of the girls are dressing like at the age of 12. Some parents these days need to step up and actually parent. This includes controlling their children, not letting them do whatever they want to, know who their friends are and where they are at all times.

It is called parenting – plain and simple. And when kids under 19 get in trouble with the law, I believe it is absolutely the parents’ fault for not controlling and parenting their child.

C. Litonjua, Clayton