LETTER: Parking tickets unfair but Surrey homeowners have role to play

The Editor,

Re: "Ticketed residents riled over reconfiguration," the Now, Nov. 20.

I too, am a resident of East Clayton and actually live right behind the person interviewed in this article. I too, have been ticketed twice on this very road for the same infractions. I fought the ticket and lost. I agree that parking is a major issue in this area and very frustrating. It’s definitely a cash cow for the city, that’s for sure.

However, I do disagree with the person interviewed in this article on a few points.

The garages are not one-vehicle garages, they are twovehicle garages. We park both our vehicles in the garage and while it’s tight and doesn’t leave much room for storage, we make it happen.

I can’t tell you the number of residents in the area that use the garage solely for storage and park one, if not two, vehicles out on the road. This is a major factor on why parking is so bad in the area. If the city could enforce a resident-only parking system, with so many decals per household, this would force residents to pay for offsite storage or park their vehicles in their garages.

The other spot that he refers to next to the garage? That’s a legal spot designated for the coach house tenant. It’s meant for the tenants that rent that suite. Again, many landlords park their own vehicles in this spot and force another car out on the street.

Also, when people purchase houses, they know what car they drive and should consider the parking situation in the area they are buying. None of the houses in the area have driveways so if you can’t fit your vehicle in the small garage, perhaps you shouldn’t buy in the area.

So, while I don’t agree with the ticketing issue along 192nd Street, I also feel that homeowners should be responsible and not contribute to the parking problem.

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Denise Marlin


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