LETTER: Shocked by travel spending

The Editor,

Re: "No overseas council travel on my watch, McCallum vows," the Now, Sept. 16.

I read with interest Tuesday’s news report with regard to all the worldwide travels over the years by our past mayors and council members. I must say, I was shocked at the amount of travel that has been going on and the fact that they are staying at five-star hotels.

We have had mega projects going forward in our city totaling hundreds of millions of dollars – some well spent, some questionable as to whether or not they were really needed. Now it is revealed that for two decades, we have had our mayors and councillors traveling the world like rock stars on our dime – or should I say, on our tens of thousands of taxpayers’ dollars.

All this when infrastructure is not keeping pace with development and when seniors need affordable housing in our city.

We have not had enough police resources in this city for two decades. Perhaps if our elected officials had been totally focused on public safety and policing issues in our city, we would not be in the predicament we find ourselves in today.

Every election, the promise is for more police officers. With all due respect, the question begs to be asked: Why are we still playing catchup after two decades?

When you do not feel safe in your own neighbourhood, nothing else matters, and there are more than one or two neighbourhoods in Surrey where residents are not feeling very safe.

It looks like it is time for a shakeup at city hall.

Darlene Bowyer