LETTER: Surrey First must know we won't be dictated to

LETTER: Surrey First must know we won’t be dictated to

Surrey — The Editor, Re: "Surrey has more pressing needs than ferris wheels," the Now, July 1.

It is time that the Surrey First party is taught a valuable lesson in community involvement and responsibility.

The state of the community is horrendous, with overcrowding of schools, traffic congestion, crime of the worst kind increasing almost daily and townhouse developments spurting up everywhere.This state has been created by the Surrey First party in partnership with developers.

Their hunger for tax dollars to pay for unnecessary projects (new city hall $97 million, parking facility $25 million, etc.) is outrageous, and was decided bya handful of selfish politicians, when a referendum should have been held to decide if the residents actually were in favour.

We now see Mayor Watts leaving, likely to pursue other political opportunities, and her puppet Linda Hepner, she of ridiculous priorities (ferris wheels, artificial beaches, etc.) running for mayor. What a joke that is. Her main opponent? Another Surrey First ex-councillor, now an independent, Barinder Rasode, is also running for mayor.

Let us not forget that she was a part of party that created the mess we now have, and I for one do not expect that the urban sprawl, and other concerns, would be addressed under her leadership. Election date is looming, and it is then that we, as a community, must send a message that we will not be excluded or dictated to. Vote out the people that have not responded to the needs of our community, and vote in as many in dependants (not ex-party faithful) as we can. In this fashion perhaps we will end up with a responsible and caring city council.

John Conley, Surrey