LETTER: Surrey is broken and fresh new faces are needed to fix it

The Editor,

Speak up for what you believe in. I’ve been dealing with issues in our neighbourhood since 2009 but, as one little voice, no one listened to me until now; thank you for the strong support from our neighborhood, and thank you, Bill Good and his CKNW radio station crew, who took the time to listen to me.

Election time is now approaching. After dealing with some people who think they have power, I would strongly encourage all to take a good look at the candidates when you take that pencil and mark your ballot.

Don’t judge by colour, gender or marital status. I say this as I recently had a telephone interview on the candidates for election and I was asked if I would vote for a coloured person, divorced, etc.

Wow. What has this to do with what the candidate will do for the people? I’m retired and divorced with children, but I was highly respected for what I did when I worked. These issues did not affect my job performance but actually benefited my employer. It showed I was a dedicated hard worker.

So, I suggest not to look at the cover until you have read the book. Ask questions. Get answers, not promises. Address issues that affect all the people, not just the big guys. Little people count, too.

Everyone is well aware of the huge issues: crime, illegal suites and illegal construction. Presently these are not being addressed, so perhaps give the new faces, new plans a chance. It can’t be any worse than it already is.

The saying goes, "If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it." News flash: The City of Surrey is so broken, caused by the mentioned issues, that it requires major surgery and a highly qualified medical team, which the city doesn’t have.

Kathy Martin, Surrey