LETTER: Surrey’s ‘No’ victory was protest against Hepner and her council

LETTER: Surrey's 'No' victory was protest against Hepner and her council

The Editor,

It was refreshing to see that taxpayers have spoken with a resounding ‘No’ to a sales tax increase to fund any TransLink expansion.

Perhaps the B.C. government will now restructure TransLink as it should have long ago. In Surrey, the huge outcry for the ‘No’ vote was as much a protest against Linda Hepner and her council as it was for no sales tax increases. Her inability to deal with such things as crime, bylaw enforcement and non-stop townhouse development is appalling, while the endless expenditures which provide no value to the Surrey populace continue.

It will be interesting to witness what new taxes or fees Surrey will come up with to provide additional funding for Hepner’s projects – because reaching into taxpayers’ pockets once again is a certainty.

R. Conley, Surrey