LETTER: Teacher gives thanks to Clark, Fassbender

LETTER: Teacher gives thanks to Clark, Fassbender

The Editor,

An open letter to Premier Clark and MLA Fassbender: Amidst all the negativity, uncertainty and turmoil I would like to take the opportunity to thank you! You have both given me countless opportunities, as a teacher, to give thanks during the last three months.

Thank you for giving me the chance to spend time in which to really get to know and appreciate my colleagues. What amazing, talented and intelligent people they are. I know and care for these people more than I can say. Thank you for giving me the gift of getting to enjoy the company of our custodians, our secretaries and our EAs and ABA specialists – all I can say is, wow! Because of you, I get to stand proudly with all the CUPE workers who walk with us each day and believe in our cause. Thank you for allowing me to see what a great job my colleagues are doing of raising their own children. These little people come each day to be on the picket line with their parents. They are polite, patient and kept us laughing and entertained with their antics.

My principal has always been supportive and understanding, and for the last few months I really got to see how supportive, kind and concerned he could be. He has gone above and beyond to ensure his staff feels valued. Our new vice-principal met us on the picket line and she has made such an effort to connect with us. Our staff is so lucky to have two caring and concerned administrators who value us.

Also, my heartfelt thanks to you for giving me a chance to really know how much the parents of our students really appreciate me. I got the uninterrupted time to chat with these parents. They offered words of encouragement and thanked me for fighting for the rights of their children.

I so appreciate all the public school teachers who have taught my own two children. Thank you for again reminding me of all the sacrifices, time and energy these teachers put in to ensure each of my children reaches their full potential.

At a time of uncertainty, stress and sadness, I was fortunate to have been given the gifts of friendship, support, kindness and concern. So Premier Clark and Mr. Fassbender, I thank you.

Keeley GlennonYee-Yerxa