LETTER: Voting ‘Yes’ will expand active travel in the region

The Editor,

I’m voting "Yes" and I hope Delta joins me.

As a resident of Delta since 1986, I have seen and participated in the efforts here to expand active travel.

I see saying "Yes" as a positive move to better expand transit and active travel in Delta and Metro Vancouver where we all live, work, study and play.

By voting "Yes" I am following the lead of Delta’s chief medical officer, the Delta Chamber of Commerce and the South Delta HUB bike committee to name a few of the professionals and groups that see the health and economic need to make this positive step.

A "Yes" vote can assist those that cannot afford or cannot drive a car, students that must travel outside Delta for post-secondary education, commuters to workplaces inside and outside Delta, and healthy community livability for all those that travel our roads and connecting trails.

Sandra Jones