Magic moment for couple

NORTH DELTA – Trevor and Lorena Watters were crowned "North American Champions of Stage Magic" at a big convention in St.


Louis last week.


The North Delta couple met while studying at Douglas College, and now perform comedy magic routines together, competing at an international level.


They competed at the International Brotherhood of Magicians, Society of American Magicians and North American FISM Championships Combined Convention.


FISM is "really the Olympics of magic," Trevor said, "so every country is


allotted a certain amount of spots to compete, and every three years, the FISM competition moves from country to country."


Of 1,500 magicians at the event, the Watters were chosen to be in the top 30, then top seven acts, eventually leaving St. Louis with the top title in their


category on Saturday, July 5. They’ve performed together for nearly 13 years as a comedy duo.


"We’ve been compared to the Ricky and Lucy of magic," Trevor said.


Their sets rest on the idea of Trevor and Lorena competing against each other as to who can be the better magician.


Trevor works as a casual for Canada Post, making them self-proclaimed "weekend warriors" of magic.


Next, the Watters will fly to Italy in July 2015, representing North America in the "Olympics of the magical arts."


Kristi Alexandra