Man harassing residents for cash at all hours gets $115 fine

CLAYTON HEIGHTS – Surrey Mounties hope the threat of fines will chase off a man named Jason who has been bothering Clayton residents by knocking on doors at all hours and "making excuses" that are intended to separate the residents from their money.


"We have a zero-tolerance approach on him," Cpl. Bert Paquet said. "We are aware of this individual and he is aware of us.


"He makes up stories we don’t believe are true to get money. Apparently it’s happening all times of the day and night.


"We want him to stop for sure." Paquet said police are not releasing the man’s last name because "he hasn’t been charged with any criminal offence."


He said Jason was fined $115 under the Safe Street Act on Dec. 29.


The fine came after police received yet another complaint shortly after giving him a lengthy talking-to just the day before.


"The talk didn’t work but apparently the fine did," Paquet said.


"We advised him any time we get a report of him displaying the same kind of behaviour he will be charged."


Paquet said it’s not known if he has a Surrey address. His intrusions, he said, seem to be limited to the Clayton area.


If he comes knocking, Paquet advises, "just don’t answer, don’t engage with him and call the police if he approaches you.


"Tell him through the door you’ve contacted police. He knows we’re keeping our eye on him."