Margaret Woods announces election run in White Rock

WHITE ROCK – The election season in White Rock has gotten off to an early start with former councillor Margaret Woods announcing she intends to run in this fall’s election.


Woods sat on council from 2002 to 2005 and later ran for mayor in 2005, but was unsuccessful. Since then, Woods has been actively involved in White Rock’s political scene, often attending meetings and community events and asking questions during council’s question period.


"I felt the time was right," she said.


"There is just so much upheaval in this city that’s been going on for some time and so I figured instead of just watching what’s going on in council that I would


really like to participate and do what I can for the people of White Rock."


Woods said the key points she’d like to address are "overtaxation, over-densification and accountability for our taxes."


Asked if she would be running for a position on council or for mayor, she said, "I haven’t made my mind up on that."