More police officers on Alexa’s Team

DELTA – More B.C. police officers were inducted into Alexa’s Team for their commitment to taking, and keeping, impaired drivers off the road.

One Delta and seven Deas Island RCMP officers are among the 313 police officers joining Alexa’s Team this year for delivering on a promise to work to reduce the number of alcohol-related motor vehicle deaths in the province. Four-year-old Alexa Middelaer was killed in May 2008 after an impaired driver struck her.

Deas Island Traffic Services offers on Alexa’s Team include Const. Kyle Winslow, Const. Paula Ikavalko, Const. Guillaume Fauchon, Cpl. Tariq Qureshi, Cpl. Mark Booth, Const. Dmytro Ivanov and Const. Michelle Larsen. Also named is Const. Jim Ingram of Delta Police.