MP Sandhu says feds leave Surrey in cold

OTTAWA – Surrey MP Jasbir Sandhu says Surrey is getting short shrift from the federal government in the 2014 budget. Bill C-43, the Budget Implementation Act, passed third reading in the House of Commons this afternoon (Wednesday, Dec. 10).


Sandhu, NDP MP for Surrey North, said it doesn’t include any federal cash for Surrey for transit improvements, replacement or upgrading of the Pattullo Bridge, community based crime prevention programs, or for additional policing.


"As one of the fastestgrowing cities in Canada, and the fastestgrowing city in metropolitan Vancouver, there is a clear need for infrastructure funding to support this growth," Sandhu said. "The approach of the Conservative government is very problematic. I am not surprised in the least that the budget is out of touch with the needs of everyday Canadians."


Sandhu told the House of Commons that the bill has addressed none of his constituents’ issues and accused the Conservatives across the floor of living in a "bubble."


"Surrey’s challenges range from a lack of affordable housing, aging infrastructure, inadequate public transit and serious issues around crime and poverty," he told the House, noting the city is growing by as many as 13,000 new residents annually. "Federal funding and support is sorely needed to make inroads to address these challenges in my city.


"It disappoints me greatly."