Multiple suites are real problem in city

Surrey – The Editor, Re: “‘How can Surrey quash illegal suites for good?” the Now, July 17.

I fully support cracking down on illegal suites in Surrey, but just watch

the minority groups squash this as they claim it is their right to have all those people live in one home.

Being allowed to have one suite per house is not the problem – it’s when there are multiple suites that fines and mandatory removals should take place (along with unannounced re-inspections over the next year to ensure no re-offences take place).

There is no reason to have these massive single-family homes pop up everywhere in Surrey (single family homes, my butt). It is coming to the point that there is no affordable starter family homes left in Surrey (these are being bought, torn down and mega homes erected in their places).

All this means is that if you’re not a renter, don’t bother looking to buy a modest home in Surrey (or, when in Surrey, just make more illegal suites).

Make these suites legal, and then maybe the city won’t be screaming for more funding as the proper taxes will finally be collected and help pay for our schooling and city needs.

Barry Young