Negative vibe pervades pages

Surrey – The Editor, Your July 3 Now was loaded with more than usual negatives from readers, pages 11, 12, 13 inclusive.

Page 11 was a confirmation of your headline of July 1, in which Linda Hepner declared “more of the same.” Michael Booth’s perspicacity of the lady in question was dead on in his summation in strongly suggesting re-election of any Surrey First will indeed be duplication of the last three years!

Page 12, letter written by a reader suggesting insurance to citizens regarding the government’s proposed hydrocarbon plan. He writes, should this folly become a reality, “we can expect our water, land and air to be polluted with known hazards to humans and wildlife.”

Perhaps, before this abomination becomes another of our present government’s ideologies, we should avail ourselves of the knowledge as to just to how dangerous it is and possibly stop it in it’s tracks.

Also on page 12, talk of the unions; carried over to page 13, where this writer claims “we should not be held hostage over unions.” I have never been a union member, nor have I ever felt that I have been held hostage. He adds further insult by espousing this government in that “to strike against the government is anti-democratic.”

Well, guess what? If my government is toying with striking workers, no matter what union they belong to, I’ll display an undemocratic attitude.

Why are you so sure you are privy to the “collective will of the people of the province?” Further, “If voters want to give all their money to a government to pay more to government employees… they will elect that kind of government.”

Surely you are aware making a statement like that is repugnant, as we all know we are made aware of the intransigence of a newly elected body only after the fact.

Thank you David Gibbs for your insightful letter, and no, the risky transfer of coal is not worth 25 jobs.

Fran Manary


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