New series of audio tours at Fort Langley National Historic Site

FORT LANGLEY – Where new and old collide at the Fort Langley National Historic Site, technology is bringing history to life.

The Fort has launched a new series of audio tours for visitors. The tours will complement the existing information visitors can get from the costumed interpreters who staff various positions around the recreated Hudson’s Bay Company fur-trading fort.

This is not the first time the Fort has looked into creating an audio tour.

About 15 years ago in pre-MP3 player days, the Fort looked into creating an audio tour, and even had a script drafted, but the technology wasn’t quite up to scratch for the kind of experience they had in mind.

Now, with new funding approved last winter, they have started again, digging into the old script and writing new material.

Visitors can now pick up a device that resembles an oversized TV remote control and carry it around the Fort. Numbers at various buildings, when punched into the device, give them different pieces of the audio, so they can wander and experience the Fort in any order they choose. During June, the use of the audio tour is free.

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