Out of heartbreak and tragedy comes hope

Surrey – The Editor, Re: “A Surrey family’s dreams destroyed by shooting,” the Now, Dec. 4. My heart goes out to the Somalian family in your article.

If there is one thing I can do is say to them: Have hope, things will get better, this is still a wonderful place to live.

I can speak from experience. Our family survived a similar tragedy.

My great grandfather Jessie S. Magoon packed up his family – a Native American wife and his two boys – and left Massachusetts in 1906 and arrived here by train. He came in response to the urgent need for skilled workers at the BCER (British Columbia Electric Railway), the old electric interurban that ran out to Chilliwack from Vancouver.

He and his family were doing very well until Jessie was mysteriously murdered at the Vye Road Sumas substation, where he worked as the chief electrician. On June 12, 1915 (100 years next year), he was found shot in his room.

The family spent a long time trying to recover and there are some interesting stories that have come out of it – I have recently managed to connect all the grandchildren.

My best wishes to this family. I hope they hold their heads up and keep believing good will still come their way.

Robert Bushby, Surrey