Put Surrey’s tree back where it belongs

Surrey – The Editor, Whoever made the decision to put Surrey’s Christmas tree behind city hall

– where nobody but city hall employees and the library patrons can see the tree – made the WRONG decision.

Not only can the average person not see it unless they make a special trip, it is also never lit.

The other night, I was walking home and made a special trip to go see the tree, only to find out it wasn’t lit.

They had spotlights all around the fence shining on the tree – is this their way of saying it is lit?

I am very disappointed that I cannot see it at the entrance to Surrey Central when I am coming home or going to work by the SkyTrain station or even if I am just going to the mall.

Next year, please put the Christmas tree back where it belongs – in front of Central City Mall.

Kara Lafleur, Surrey